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1.  Pray for us that we would be able and equipped to go wherever the Lord sends us. Please pray for strength and resources to complete His assignment to us. Sign up for our newsletter and keep up with our current event and travels.

2.  Become a partner. We value and appreciate every gift that enables us to continue to travel and deliver the message that God has for the nations. To qualify as a partner you can set up a recurring transaction of $25 a month or greater on our donation link. We believe in what God is dong through Carry the Fire Ministries and encourage you to be a part in it.

3.  Get equipped for the work of ministry. We are building an army of believers that will spread the gospel messages of Christ with signs and wonders following. Join us in our Healing and Freedom Training conferences. Start doing the work of Jesus in your community. You can find our next training schedule on our Facebook page, Carry the Fire Ministries International. You can also contact us to schedule a training conference in your area.

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